Codling Wind Park Wicklow Half Marathon & 10k Race information!

Race Day Info:



What time will we start

Schedule of Events:

Half Marathon walkers start at 10am.

Half Marathon runners start at 10.30am.

10km walkers and runners start at 10.45am.

Race Essentials:

All entrants for Half Marathon and 10km will receive
– A race number
– A timing chip
– Training tips
– Cup of soup ‘to go’ at Wicklow Gaol
– Goodies at the finish area

– Bespoke medal for all finishers

Note: Technical tops are not included in the entry fee. Tops might be available to purchase at the number pick ups. Subject to availability.


Race info announced closer to time!

Pls note there is an online booking fee of 7% per entry from our online provider.

Race Route

Map of 10km: Wicklow 10km – MapMyRun

Map of Half Marathon: Wicklow half Marathon – MapMyRun

The route is marked in KM’s.

The lead 10km participants will catch some half Marathon participants. Half marathon folk are requested to stay on the right hand side of the path (the cement footpath side). There will be signs to remind you. Please be courteous about this. There is plenty of room for everyone as the area is bigger than a single lane on the road. A lead cyclist for the 10k (with a bell…) will also remind you to move to the right.

Note 1: There is a Garda and steward assisted crossing point at the road from Rathnew to Wicklow town. Runners do have right of way but do slow down and make sure it’s safe to cross. Please take responsibility for yourself. Note: Do not cross before you reach the official crossing point for your own safety. Please respect this as it makes it very hard for the Gardai to control traffic – again for your safety. Once across the road stay on the left hand side.

Note 2:

The Half Marathon and 10km will join back up after the Wilton roundabout. The half marathon gang will be directed to the right hand side of the road before the Wilton roundabout. The 10km crew will cross after the roundabout – This is where the Garda assisted crossing will be.  Slow down and make sure it’s safe to cross. Please take responsibility for yourself.

Both events will continue on the right-hand side.

Note 3: There is a Garda assisted crossing after the Marlton roundabout. You will cross from right to left. Runners do have right of way but do slow down and make sure it’s safe to cross. Please take responsibility for yourself.

Take note: You must follow the path right up to the roundabout. Do not deviate off the path. This is a Garda request as well as ours for your safety and it is how the course is measured.

Water stations KM 6.5 (Half Marathon) KM 5.5 (for 10km). KM 12 (Half Marathon only) & KM 16 (Half Marathon Only).

Water is in 250ml bottles out on the course. Do not throw the bottle away from you – drop it within 1 metre of where you are running. ALL bottles have to be picked up. Please make it easy for the marshals and drop into the bins provided after Water stations.

Finish area – upon finishing you will receive a bottle of water, banana, bar and medal. Please continue straight up the shoot and out. Please do not go back down the finish shoot as it is a one-way system.

Medical – is being provided by the St. Johns ambulance, they will be located at the finish, and along the course.

Results (when available) will be online after the event on the Facebook page and website.

Extra medals: If you opted to purchase the extra medals these will be available to collect after the finish at the pop up tent at the Gaol. You’ll need you bib number to claim them.