Training Tips & Plans

Attached are some documents with training tips to give you a guide towards achieving your respective goal. Please note they are general tips and should be used for reference only.

Best of luck!

Half Marathon Tips 1 - Equipment & Injury Prevention.doc29 KB
Half Marathon Tips 2 - Training Log for Motivation.doc28 KB
Half Marathon Tips 3 - Clothing and Rain.doc29 KB
Half Marathon Tips 4 - Blisters Chaffing Black Toenails.doc29.5 KB
Half Marathon Tips 5 - Nutrition.doc31.5 KB
Half Marathon Tips 6 - Preparation 1 week b4 & Race Day.doc33 KB
Beginner_10km_Training_plan.pdf212.73 KB
Intermediate_10km_Training_plan.pdf213.88 KB
Beginner_Half_Training_plan.pdf208.1 KB

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