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Charity Initiative

Wicklow Cancer Support

Wicklow Cancer Support is a fantastic volunteer charity which provides emotional and practical help to people suffering from cancer, their families and friends.

They provide transport to hospitals, home visits, counselling, compliamentry therapies and general information on cancer. Their drop-in centre at No. 1 Mortons Lane, Wicklow Town is open 3 days per week for anyone needing advice or just a chat. Wicklow Cancer Support is a totally confidential service. If you wish to run for Wicklow Cancer Support please phone Tina at Wicklow Cancer Support 0404 32696.

Wicklow Mental Health Association

Wicklow Mental Health Association is a local voluntary organisation founded in 2000 to promote positive mental health and to actively support persons with a mental illness, their families and carers by identifying their needs and advocating their rights. All members of Wicklow Mental Health Association work on a voluntary basis in the provision of information to the public through a wide range of their pamphlets and leaflets provided by Mental Health Ireland to Doctors surgeries, schools, places of work and the general public. They also provide courses in self confidence, art and yoga. They also run a social club and organise outings and events for those who wish to participate. If you wish to run for Wicklow Mental Health Association please phone Charlie at 086 2124211.

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